Pedestrians, Scooters and MaaS, oh my!

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Well, I’ve just been registered as a speaker on MOVE “The world’s most important mobility event, where disruptive technology and innovation drive much needed change”, ExCeL London, 12-13 February 2019

I’ll have 20 min so if you plan to be around, look me up.

This was the “abstract” I’ve submitted …

Pedestrians, Scooters and MaaS, oh my!
The city is the physical manifestation of the way we move in and through it. It is primarily a product of transportation. It has always been one. The size of the city, the width of the streets and even the height of the buildings are related to the the means of transportation we are using.

New types of transportation are emegringe. It will result in an urban revolution, nothing less. The city will change dramatically and only from the forefront of the wave we can see ahead and prepare for what is going to hit our cities.

As a researcher that is immersed in the economy and architecture of cities, being part of Move is participating in that wave, my way to try and steer that urban revolution away from some repercussions.

Find out more during my Move session: “Pedestrians, Scooters and MaaS, oh my!”

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