I accept the challenge!

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Dammm I’ve just realized that it’s gonna take me more then a year to write this thing.

A book is 85,000 words
An article is about 1000 to 1500 words
so a book is 56 to 85 articles

I need to do at least one article per week, lets say 1.5 articles, that’s still about 40 weeks, that’s a bit more then 9 months… just for the first draft!

Selecting, trimming, brooming, all that jazz will take another 2 months.
Working with an editor, rewriting, adding missing parts, reorganizing, packing, at least 3 months.

wrapping it all as a kindle book – 1 day

All and all – 14 months

My chances to complete this task – I would give me about 10% at this stage.

I accept the challenge!

First step – 10 articles within 6 weeks. one down, 9 to go.

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