Urban Transportation – Induced Demand

Induced Demand – Video

Very annoying explanation of Induced Demand in urban transportation.

Annoying because the truth is annoying. Because it is not restricted only to adding lanes for private cars, because it implies that increasing load factor by means like carpooling will also be offset by it.

But if you want to really understand urban transportation and economy, it is what it is.

Availability vs. Reliability – The key to understanding urban transportation

Urban Transportation Video #2.

Why can we find Uber only in Metropolis while Taxi stations prosper also in Smallville? Why can’t ride-hailing services win those small towns?

Presenting a 2D conceptual map of Availability vs. Reliability to understand the different mobility options behavior.

Theory of Transportation, applied to Remote Controls, Cars, Bikes and MaaS

Urban Mathematics – video 3

No scary formulas, only the basic principle of Hassle Distance, the key factor for understanding people’s choice of transportation mean.

20 Minutes, take your time.

How efficient can Urban Transportation Networks be?

Do you want to understand the inherited efficiency issues of the big transportation companies?

Ride-hailing companies like Uber or Lyft, bike, and e-scooter sharing companies like Bird or Lime, busses, trains and more. All these have a unique Network Economics that determine their efficiency.